Careers at 1stdibs

Design your future with us at 1stdibs

While our lifeblood is our strong network of dealers, trade clients, and global consumers, our driving spirit comes from the people who walk our halls everyday: our employees.

128tv香蕉128tv视频网Membership to the 1stdibs team requires insatiable curiosity, focused ambition, and a passion for art, design, and technology. Just as our marketplace carries unique objects with wide-ranging provenance, our employees come from all walks of life to co-create the 1stdibs experience: MFAs mix with MBAs; gamers collaborate with classical pianists; industry veterans rub shoulders with recent college graduates. The work that we collaborate on shares a common theme: it involve problems that challenge us to explore new, untapped areas while also supporting the needs of our existing dealers and clients. Past and on-going projects include building a robust messaging platform for our global marketplace; launching our beautiful “Interiors” section, which profiles the top designers in the field; and developing comprehensive inventory management and communication tools for our world-wide network of dealers.

But working at 1stdibs isn’t just about the work. A typical day in our beautifully-appointed offices might include an interactive workshop on leadership skills; a Lunch & Learn on ballpoint drawings led by a colleague who wrote the authoritative book on the topic; a cold glass of craft beer at the end of the day from our in-office bar; and joining in on a game of basketball with the ‘Dibs on Dribs team. Other employee-initiated groups include Outdibs, our LGBTQ community; Dibversity, our diversity & inclusion team; Movie Club, which hosts monthly movie nights; The Most Beautiful Sings on Earth, our competitive karaoke team; among others.

Being a part of the 1stdibs team means strengthening an organization with deep, entrepreneurial roots. These roots continue to sprout new office locations, adjacent categories, and new buyer segments. We are each shaping the future history of 1stdibs through the work we do in building the global destination for those clients who must have ‘first dibs’ on treasures from around the world.

Open Positions


  • Flexible Paid Time Off
  • Weekly Catered Lunches
  • Snacks
  • Full Benefits & 401(k)
  • Paid Family Leave
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Wellness Classes
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